What to watch tonight: ‘South Park’, ‘Modern Family’ season premieres

Listen, Modern Family is funny, I get it. Sofia Vergara has a funny accent and her boobs bounce and we’re all like “HAHA!” But it’s not the best comedy on TV. Not even close. So let’s stop with the tomfoolery. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Revolution @ 8pm, NBC: I guess people watch this show. That’s NBC’s explanation for keeping it right?

Nashville @ 10pm, ABC: Sure, this is a nighttime soap opera but like, it’s actually good. Hayden Panettiere is quite brilliant and Connie Britton’s best role since Tami Taylor.

South Park @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Best animated series ever. There’s no discussion here, just fat.

The League @ 10:30pm, FXX: You know what’s funnier than Modern Family. This. By a mile.

The Book of Manning @ 8pm, ESPN2: If you missed this yesterday, there’s a replay at 8pm tonight. Riveting stuff.