Sports gifs, memes and screencaps of the week

Miami bros, lazy Alex Ovechkin and ‘chunky’ cheerleaders lead this week’s sports gifs and memes.

25 This is the best GIF ever made

24 Dat eyeroll though

23 No you take it, no YOU

22 Amazing Iman Shumpert is amazing

21 BOOM headshot

20 Filomena Tobias high five

19 Steph Curry’s causing everyone to lose their minds

18 Yes, this is a sports GIF—most athletic thing we’ve seen

17 Watch out for the…mound


16 That awkward moment when a ref blocked your shot


15 Is this cheerleader chunky?


13 YU is disappointed in…You

12 Animal abuse

11 Headline of the week


10 Mike Francesa melts down over Mickey Mantle corked bat rumors

9 They allow those on the ice?

8 That’s not very nice

7 Epic bench celebration

6 Plug your ears, here’s screaming Spurs lady

5 A young Manu Ginobili chillin’ with the Spurs coyote


4 Floppity, flop, flop LeBron

3 The LSU-Florida game looked super exciting


2 The Russian magician strikes again

1 Birdman will stare into your soul