9 of the strangest soda flavors on the planet

Strangest Soda Flavors List

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The everyday flavors of soda call out to us to be consumed with our favorite snacks and meals. But there are other sodas out there, in odd flavors that range from interesting to downright disturbing. Cola, Lemon-Lime and whatever the hell Dr. Pepper is have nothing on these flavors.

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9 Celery Soda


Dinner Series, Flickr

Dr. Brown’s “Cel-Ray” soda is flavored like celery, yes, but in the same way that Apple Jacks are flavored like apples. You can tell that the crisp veggie flavor is there, but overall it’s more of a ginger ale flavor with loads of sugar and an added peppery-ness to it. Due to its availability almost exclusively in New York and Florida’s Jewish delis and supermarket aisles, this may be the only soda that can be classified by its religion.

Goes well with – Pastrami and corned beef on rye. Get it here.

Photo credit: Dinner Series, Flickr

8 Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda

This creamsicle colored soda is one of many odd flavors made by soft drink company Lester’s Fixins. It’s great for picky kids who need even more sugar in their peanut butter and jelly experience.

Goes well with – A PB&J-wich, obviously. Get it here.

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7 Grapefruit Soda


Vic Lic, Flickr

This popular Caribbean soda is a sweet and sour treat that transcends the taste bud warping flavor of normal grapefruit by doing what all soda does best…infusing your very being with tons and tons of sugar. The result is a delicious drink that’s tart, fruity and sweet.

Goes well with – Fish tacos, jerk chicken. Get it here.

Photo credit: Vic Lic, Flickr

6 Pumpkin Pie Soda

pumpkin pie

browniesfordinner, Flickr

Perfect for the holidays, this pumpkin pie soda is practically neon orange and has a distinct flavor of pumpkin pie spices, though this would probably be better used as a ham glaze than as an actual drink.

Goes well with – Thanksgiving dinner. Get it here.

Photo credit: browniesfordinner, Flickr

5 Sweet Corn Soda

sweet corn

Brian Giesen, Flickr

Yet another one of Lesters Fixin’s soft drinks, sweet corn soda goes for gold with a urine-yellow color and sweet canned corn flavor.

Goes well with – A bowl of chili. Get it here.

Photo credit: Brian Giesen, Flickr

4 Bubblegum Soda


Patrick Hoesly, Flickr

Officially titled “Inca Kola,” this cloyingly sweet Peruvian soft drink has been giving their loyal consumers pre-diabetes since the 1930’s.

Goes well with – Pollo a la brasa (Peruvian rotisserie chicken). Get it here.

Okay, now lets’ get really weird…

Photo credit: Patrick Hoesly, Flickr

3 Buffalo Wing Soda

buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings Image by Shutterstock

Where to begin…there probably isn’t a reason on the planet earth why this was created. No one asked for it…it really seems like more of a novelty or joke. Yet, Lesters Fixins strikes again with another weirdo of a soft drink that has a spiciness, but not much of a chicken flavor. Yay?

Goes well with – Bleu cheese soda. Jay-kay, that doesn’t exist yet…YET. Get it here.

Photo credit: Buffalo Wings Image by Shutterstock

2 Grass Soda


hummyhummy, Flickr

Chin Chin grass jelly drink is like a globby, liquidy dose of fresh cut lawn. No, seriously, this stuff is bizarre as hell.

Goes well with – Ipecac. Get it here.

Photo credit: hummyhummy, Flickr

1 Bird’s Nest…Flavor…Soda. Yep.

birds nest

Douglas Lise, Flickr

There is such a thing as Bird’s Nest Soup in China. If that weren’t odd enough, here is Bird Nest Drink which I have not personally tasted, but have heard is “succulent,” (as told by writing found on the Bird Nest Drink’s can).

Goes well with – A stomach pump. Get it here.

Photo credit: Douglas Lise, Flickr