‘What if summer movies starred WWE wrestlers?’ wondered no one, but yet, here we are

The WWE continues its attempt to be “internet adorable.”

I love most of the WWE.com content, especially the odd lists the deep-cuts info and random “Where are they now?” articles for nostalgia, but most of the WWE.com is miss more than hit.

These posters feel very miss.

This summer has had no shortage of action and intrigue at the multiplex, but what would happen if WWE took over the biggest blockbusters of 2014? Check out these posters featuring Superstars and Divas starring in this year’s hottest movies, then download and print your favorites!

Fine. Let’s do this. I’ll give them a fighting chance.

Ugh. Next.

So Bryan goes back in time to when he owned a razor or back in time to stop from making Brie Bella a major player? Or does he stop himself from getting hurt?

You know, this isn’t a bad idea, but I’d rather see it as a show on the WWE network. Make these guy live next door to one another for a month. The cameras rolls 24/7. I’d pay $9.99 just for this show.

This is actually a decent parody. It loses a couple points because Steph is fulling clothed. I’m a sucker for her Authoritative cleavage.

I’m sold. I’d pay money to see this movie in a theater. I’d also pay money for an original movie poster that involved Stardust shooting lazers from his hands.

I’ve got a few more movie suggestions based on summer blockbusters and current WWE superstars.

A movie chronicling Bray Wyatt’s massive popularity, the wheels falling off during the Cena feud, and his sad and slow descent into mid-card purgatory — The Fault In Our Starts

The fake cops who arrested Stephanie and then Brie Bella get a movie in which they continue to pretend to be officers of the law — Let’s Be (a little more believable) Cops

Kane as an animated fire engine that starts fires instead of putting them out — Kane: Fire and Rescue

Randy Orton as Jerkules

[via WWE.com]