The Baseball Hall of Fame is closing in on irrelevance

Nobody got into the Baseball Hall of Fame today and nobody knows who to vote for anymore. It was the 8th time baseball writers failed to vote anybody in.

Craig Biggio led the way with 68.2%. On no planet is Biggio a Hall of Famer.
Jack Morris got 67.7% in his 14th eligible year. He’s not in because, well, he wasn’t nice to the media while he was a player. *fart noises*

Here’s the rest of the list.


Bonds, Clemens, McGwire and Sosa didn’t get in because of steroids. The latter two won’t ever get in but Bonds and Clemens have a chance because they were dominant before the rumors started.

This whole thing is a sham and frankly, the Baseball Hall of Fame now borders on irrelevant.

Have a good day.