Chris Dorner’s last moments in the form of ‘Doom’ mod

If you somehow missed hearing about the crazy cop-killing vigilante Chris Dorner’s final showdown with authorities, then you’re in luck. Because the entire ordeal has been adapted into an interactive format, albeit quite loosely. Stay classy, Internet.

A representative 4chan has produced a video game based upon Chris Dorner’s last stand. And it’s exactly as one might exact, given that corner of the web’s tastes and standards: you go around shooting cops with “N*gga N*gga N*gga blaring, mixed with a sound-byte of Charlie Sheen reaching out Dorner, plus your health pick up are buckets of friend chicken…

As the creator states in the description: “4chan can make better games in 10 hours than EA can make in a year.”

For those interested, that’s where you’ll find a download link to the game as well. I have a funny feeling that it will get a lot of play, once all is said and done, given that Dorner is being painted as an anti-hero to some. What crazy times we live in, huh?