The sexual underbelly of rideshare programs will leave you speechless (15 pics)


Rideshare programs such as Uber and Lyft have blown up across the nation, putting serious pressure on traditional taxi services.

According to a leaked screenshot of Uber’s dashboard, it seems that they’re doing over $1 BILLION in gross bookings these days, which is astronomical. If you’re not familiar with Uber, it’s a rideshare service (like Lyft), where drivers are able to sign up as chauffer’s and use their own cars in place of taxis. But the two services are so damn massive at this point, I’d be shocked if I had to explain it to any of you.

Popularity aside, I learned something new about the rideshare services today from the geniuses at the secret sharing app Whisper. They passed along 15 confessions from both drivers and riders, some based on experience and some living within the realm of fantasy. After initially scrolling through them I’ll be the first to admit I’m astonished at just how many people are knocking boots in the rideshare world, but you’ll see what I mean in just a moment….

I work for uber. Took a blonde home at 3 who made it clear to me that she wasn't satisfied by the man who took her home from the bar. Long story tip I've gotten yet..and it's my second day on the job ;)

Had a girl request me on Lyft. I started to drive her, and she asked if I could take her thru a drive thru before "we make out." I laughed and said, "well, I don't want to kiss you after Doritos loco taco, so she had me pull over and we went at it.

I'm a Uber driver. I didn't imagine I would get head and high tonight.

I'm your Uber driver. I bring you ladies home safely at night. Sometimes you bring me in with you...

I just Fuhked my customer,  she literally grab my package and asked for a free ride... Im an Uber driver in LA.

I'm an Uber driver down the shore, supposedly we get fucked by our passengers all the time... when is it my turn

Sitting in the back seat of LYFT driver Anthony's car fantasizing about pulling off the freeway and giving him some good morning head

I just got a hand job from my uber car driver.  Lol.

I fucked Uber driver number 2 last night. Thank God Lyft is in Orlando now!

I heard that asu girls were having sex with their cute uber/lyft drivers. Now THAT is epic!

I am an uber driver..  two lesbians made out in my backseat the entire trip.   I ended up with blue balls. :(

I masterbated in the back of an Uber last night.  The driver didn't say anything and just handed me a tissue.

I wish to pick up a lyft passenger that is female who just wants to jump in the back seat and fuck

I'm a Lyft driver and my fantasy is to have sex with one of my passengers. Is that bad?

I'm gay and pretty good looking- I want to give a cute straight lyft driver head for a free ride

If you have something you want to anonymously get off your chest, download the Whisper App HERE for iPhone and Android.

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