New PS4 rumors make sense, while the Xbox 720 ones sound stupid

But the best kind of rumors are the ones that make you go “You have got to be sh*tting me”, are they not?

First up, the PS4, or whatever Sony’s next console will be called. Believe it or not, it’s going to be unveiled at E3 later this summer, but exactly 2 weeks from now…

But for those of you who are a but on the impatient side, Edge supposedly has the inside track as to what to expect:

– For starters, the thing will launch in the US and Japan by Christmas of this year, with Europe getting theirs in early 2014.

– As previously reported, the PS4 will have a redesigned controller, which largely sounds likes a Dual Shock 3 (thank God) except there’s a small touchpad where the Select, Start, and PS buttons. Everyone’s all about swiping and stuff, so that makes a certain amount of sense.

But there’s also a new share button that allows you to pass along screenshots and video to friends online. Supposedly, the console will continually record the last 15 minutes of action that users can end and post on the internet. Interesting.

– A new version of the PlayStation Eye will ship alongside the console, one that will supposed be more Kinect-like. Existing PlayStation Move peripherals will be compatible.

– The biggest problem with the PS3 for developers is how it’s so frustratingly difficult to use. That’s why, despite the fact that it is indeed more powerful than the Xbox 360, most PS3 games end up looking like crap in comparison.

To that end, it sounds like the hardware of the PS4 might not be quite as powerful as the Xbox 720 in some aspects, but outclassing it in others. Most important thing is how Sony wants their kit to be easier to handle, and initial reports is that this is indeed the case.

… In the end, there isn’t a whole lot to chew on. No word yet if it’ll be a cloud based console as some had predicted some time ago (it’s starting to not feel like it, alas).

Meanwhile, Edge has also just posted their take on Microsoft’s machine:

– At the top of the list is how you’ll need a constant internet connection for the next Xbox to function. Period. The focus of the console is online functionality, clearly. So with that in mind…

– You will not be able to play used games. Sorry those of you on a budget, you’re screwed!

– But with all that being said, games will still be sold in a physical format. And what kind exactly? 50GB capacity Blu-ray discs. Yes, the same kind that the PS3 uses (and once again, Blu-ray is a Sony invention).

– Each game will come with an activation code, and after that, the discs “will have no value beyond the initial user.” Sounds like, once you put the disc in, the game installs and the actual disc is essentially useless.

Seems like a massive waste (but then again, not everyone can download 50GB of data willy-nilly). Also, forget about bringing a game over to a friend’s place!

– On a related note, because storage is going to be such a big deal, expect the included hard drive to be the biggest ever in a console to date. Thus far, the highest capacity found is 500GB, offered by Sony for the PS3.

– Apparently, and in line with the PS4 rumor mill, it’s not as easy to make Xbox 720 games as it is the PS4. Ruh-roh! Also, it apparently costs more to develop games on the new Microsoft machine, which is further bad news.

– And finally, a more reliable version of the Kinect will ship alongside.

… It’s really hard to swallow some of these Next Xbox rumors. Especially the bit about used games; as noted several time already, preventing used game sales will make publishers very happy, since they’re losing a lot of revenue from second hand sales of their games.

That being said, it would have a devastating effect since for the console maker; poor/frugal gamers will simply not purchase the system that prevents them from saving some money here and there. It’s as simple as that. Hence my skepticism.

But you know what they say: if you keep hearing something over and over again… Also, the Xbox 360, and Microsoft, are the kings of the video game hill at the moment. And history has shown, those who are number one will always do something incredibly stupid to lose that spot.