This new gel is guaranteed to help women reach orgasm. You’ll never believe what orifice it goes in.

Band orgasm

Ladies, are you having trouble reaching orgasm? Is your significant other not pushing the right buttons? Don’t worry, we have something for you. A nose gel that’s scientifically proven to give you the ‘big O.’ Again, yes, the gel goes on your nose, not on your hoohah. Hey-O!

A drug called Tefina was tested on 253 women in the U.S. And Canada. The results were extraordinary.

They received treatment for 84 days and the researchers hoped to establish whether the treatment increased the frequency of orgasms.

They also hoped to discover whether the drug caused any side effects.

The researchers discovered that patients given the drug had an average of 2.3 orgasms during the trial period while the placebo group only had 1.7.

They also claim the patients did not suffer any adverse side effects as a result of using the gel.

No adverse side effects you say? Well damn, hook a brother up. I mean, I know I’m not the target audience here but I kinda want to try it. You know, for science. No, I swear I won’t put the gel on my weiner. Stop it you guys.

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