Traffic Level Russia: Tiny Fender Bender Leads To All Out Brawl



Here we see a typical Russian traffic accident. One car is driving like a jackass, cuts another off, and before you know it there’s an all out brawl in the streets.

It isn’t by coincidence that Russia is home to the most dash cams in the world, this crap happens every hour of every day. And when it’s not this it’s some jackass trying to jump in to traffic and get hit to sue the insurance company.

Why does their society allow this to perpetuate? Do they just really get off on street-side brawls? Because if the answer to that question is yes, then I can at least be somewhat sympathetic. Everyone’s got a thing they’re in to…

The only thing in any way perplexing about this video is how it WASN’T shot using a potato, and somehow the video quality isn’t atrocious…what’s up with that?

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