Trailer for Soderbergh’s ‘Behind the Candelabra’ is incredibly gay

by 6 years ago

When Steven Soderbergh couldn’t get funding for Behind the Candelabra, it was supposedly because the Liberace movie was “too gay” for Hollywood. HBO was happy to finance the film though, and now we have the first trailer. They were right, it is pretty gay. I don’t see how that was a problem though. It’s not as if the whole movie is just Michael Douglas going to town on Matt Damon. The star power and Liberace name are more than enough to make it financially successful.

Even though it’s due to forfeiture, this is a pretty big win for HBO. It’s not often they get first crack at a Matt Damon movie. I know nearly nothing of Liberace’s life and exploits, but the movie itself looks good. Creepy, but good.

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