Watch these guys spread the word of God with…trampoline basketball trick shots?

The Harlem Globetrotters…yawwwn…let’s see Meadowlark, Mookie and other people I’m not actually sure are on the roster attempt basketball shots on a trampoline.

The fellas in the video, who go by the name of How Ridiculous, flip, spin, jump and shoot around in the name of God.

“But here’s the thing; the purpose of our videos is not simply to entertain you. Since the humble beginnings of How Ridiculous, we have been passionately supporting the international not-for-profit organization ‘Compassion’ to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name. We want to inspire others to use their gifts, talents and resources and join us in the fight against child poverty. With your help we can bring change to the lives of many children, so only one question remains, what will you do?

I’ve got nothing against helping hungry kids. I’ve also got nothing against God. I do have something against bad business models. I think they’re missing a huge opportunity to raise even more money — starving kids doing trick shots.

Think it over, guys.


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