Verizon, NFL close deal to allow streaming of games over mobile devices



Verizon closed a 4-year, $1bn deal with the NFL today that will allow streaming over mobile devices. That sound you heard was every displaced fan in America jumping simultaneously. The deal includes all regular season and playoff games but is subject to NFL blackout rules. Sadly, the streaming will NOT be allowed on tablets. A bummer for sure but the move towards mobile is a step in the right direction.

Sports Business Daily
weighs in:

A deal of this magnitude will echo across sports and entertainment, since it provides a benchmark for what the mobile content associated with America’s most popular TV sports property is worth. As such, many sports and entertainment properties will try to cash in on their mobile rights. Streaming such a sizable amount of NFL content on mobile phones will be the ultimate indicator as to whether content can influence consumers to switch or adopt a new cell phone service provider.

As someone who watches multiple NFL games at once, this is fantastic news. I can now, somewhat legally, find a way to watch every single Sunday game. My wife will be thrilled.