Warren Sapp leaves ugly note to waiter, stiffs him on tip

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NFL Hall of Famer and professional cheapskate Warren Sapp ran up a $69 tab at a Florida bar before the USA-Belgium game. Sapp had a good ol’ time, tweeted out pics to his 1.1 million followers. When the bill came however, Sapp turned sour, stiffing the waiter and leaving him a rather crude note.

Via Darren Rovell

Warren Sapp

Yeah, that says “boys don’t tip.” Is that an inside joke? When you declare bankruptcy and can’t pay child support, is that something people say? I’m serious here. I feel like I’m missing part of the story.

I mean, if he peed in his beer or put some pubes on his fries, maybe he’s got a beef. But I reckon he would have complained if a short and curly got up in his grill. Right?

So allow me to jump to conclusions here. Allow me to tip shame Warren Sapp. Everyone else is doing it so let’s just pile on.





I’m with that last guy here. “You fuckin TURD” seems appropriate for something douchey like this.

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