Watch guy in Cubs mascot costume punch man at bar

Do not remove the head off of the Chicago Cubs mascot. Just trust me on this one. This gentleman wearing this Billy Cub costume is not an official mascot of the Cubs, but he is officially the mascot of overreacting drunks everywhere. The grown man wearing a teddy bear costume went to Wrigleyville Bar on Saturday to take photos with Cubs fans, have a few brews and steal picnic baskets, but things went south when a patron at the Chicago watering hole tried to have some playful fun and steal the man’s bear head. The mascot dude goes from sweet bear to maniac in two seconds flat and punches the prankster in the face.

The best part is that after the assault the perpetrator calmly puts his teddy bear head back on to keep the illusion that he is indeed Billy Cub, the huggable mascot that children adore and definitely not the bandana-wearing (People are still wearing bandanas in the year 2014?) drunk sociopath under the costume that will knock you out if you play a cheeky lil joke on him.