What to watch on Sunday: ‘True Detective’, AFC/NFC Championship games

The pilot for HBO’s True Detective was nothing short of spectacular, a masterpiece really. It was slow yet seductive, teased viewers just enough to bring them back. In all, one of the best pilots I’ve seen for a miniseries. It leads your Sunday TV watching.

True Detective @ 9pm, HBO: The captain tries throwing Hart and Cohle off the case.

Shameless @ 9pm, Showtime: Still the most underrated show on TV.

NFC/AFC Championship @ 3pm, CBS/FOX: And to think, Brady-Manning is the JV game.

The Following @ 10pm, FOX: Show lost some of its luster at the end of Season 1—but I’ll still give it a watch.

The Bachelor @ 8pm, ABC: If you want to know how past stars of the show have fared, tune in. Also, eliminate yourself from the gene pool.

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