What to watch tonight: ‘Bonnie & Clyde’, ‘Almost Human’

Cowboys-Bears should be good, though, I’ve been wrong about almost every MNF game this year. Elsewhere, Christmas specials you guys! Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town @ 8pm, ABC: Let me know when you get sick of the Christmas specials. I sort of enjoy them.

Almost Human @ 8pm, FOX: Because, well, there’s nothing else on tonight.

Cowboys-Bears @ 8:30pm, ESPN: Can’t see the Bears making the playoffs with a loss here.

Bonnie & Clyde @ 9pm, A&E: If history and bank robbing and lovemaking is your thing, tune in.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:35pm, CBS: Stephen Colbert is on tonight and dammit, that dude is hilarious.