What’s winning the Internet today (02.28.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

WTF Laws

nanny state laws


Seriously, these are real laws.
Nanny State Laws You Won’t Believe are Real

Ex-Miss Teen Delaware

miss youporn


She does have previous job experience.
Ex-Miss Teen Delaware Offered $250,000 to be ‘Miss YouPorn’

Is This True?

penn state



Magdalena Frackowiak in a Bikini

magdalena vs bikini


Might want to strap in.
Magdalena Frackowiak’s Sizzling New Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence Rules


The FW

Other than the fact that you will never, ever actually meet her…
10 Reasons Why You Will Never be Friends With Jennifer Lawrence

Russian Dog Fetches Vodka

Alice Goodwin Filling Out a Bikini

goodwin bikini

SI Extra Mustard

And filling it out well.
Alice Goodwin is the Lovely Lady of the Day

The A-Team: Three Stooges Edition

a team stooges

Clip Nation

For when there’s nowhere else to turn.
The A-Team: Three Stooges Edition (VIDEO)

Kimmy’s Back

kimmy again

Gorilla Mask

And her bikini top still won’t stay on.
Kimmy (NSFWish)

Could Be?




NFL Combine Movers/Losers

nfl combine

Guy Speed

Guess which list Manti Te’o is on.
5 Players Who Improved Their Draft Day Status… and Five Who Didn’t

Mai Nishida in Bikinis

mai nishida


You simply MUST SEE the rest of this photo. Trust me.
Model at Midnight: Mai Nishida

Craziest Golf Carts

crazy golf carts

Busted Coverage

They need to bring back driving relievers in from the bullpen in these.
40 Craziest Custom & Tricked Out Golf Carts

Hot Girls With Many Tongues

many tongues


Meaning they are mulit-lingual… pervs.
Girls With Many Tongues

McDonald’s Insane Twitter

mcdonalds twitter


And their account wasn’t even hacked.
Why McDonald’s Has the Most Insane Twitter Account

Best Stripper Movies

best stripper movies

The Smoking Jacket

Researching this must have been fun.
The 10 Best Stripper Movies

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

aldridge lingerie


The Great Boob Sled, Badass Animals, Lily Aldridge in Lingerie, and more!