What’s winning the Internet today (03.05.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

More Miss Teen Delaware Video

miss teen deleware

Huffington Post

This footage is titled “Miss Teen Delaware Confession.”
New Video of Ex-Beauty Queen Released

Quotation Marks in Odd Places

quotation marks tattoo

The Chive

Fill in the blank, I guess.
What a Peculiar Place to Put “Quotation Marks” (41 Photos)

Harlem Shake

harlem shake



Vanessa Hudgens Gets Hippie Sexy

hudgens vanessa


I like Hippie Sexy.
Vanessa Hudgens Gets Hippie Sexy for Cosmopolitan

Celebs Making Out With Dogs

celebs kissing dogs


I think this is where the term “lucky dog” was invented.
Celebrities Making Out With Dogs

No Mas! (Funniest Harlem Shake?)

Tiffany Toth in Blue

tiffany toth

Gorilla Mask

Who knew a onesie could be so sexy?
Tiffany Toth

Spring Break is the Greatest

spring break greatest


Chicks in bikinis should be numbers 1-24, but they came up with more reasons.
25 Reasons Spring Break Will be the Greatest Vacation You’ll Ever Take

Houston Dynamo Girls

dynamo girls

Busted Coverage

Arguably the sexiest cheerleaders in sports.
Houston Dynamo Girls Make 2013 Debut in Style [25 PHOTOS]

History Lesson




‘Game of Thrones’ Face Swaps

GOT face swaps

The FW

Warning: You can’t unsee these.
8 Creepy Game of Thrones Face Swaps

Vida Guerra Stuck

vida guerra

Guy Speed

Yes, there are more photos like this.
Vida Guerra Stuck in ‘the Luckiest Rock on the Earth’s Surface’

Best Multi-Sports Athletes

multi sport athletes

Elite Daily

So where does MJ rank?
The 10 Best Multi-Sports Athletes of All Time

Maria Lyth

maria lyth


She’s Swedish!
Model at Midnight: Maria Lyth

Humans Yelling Likes Goats Yelling Like Humans

humans yelling like goats

Clip Nation

We can stop the meme now, this one wins.
Humans Yelling Likes Goats Yelling Like Humans (VIDEO)

Hot Girls Spinning

girls spinning


AKA “Vixens With Vertigo.”
Girls Whose Heads are Spinning

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

xenia deli pics


Spring Break Destinations, Hilarious Office Notes, Xenia Deli in Lingerie, and more!