What’s winning the Internet today (08.08.13)

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen so far today.

An American Execution?

american execution

Huffington Post

You’d think China would know what fetish porn is, wouldn’t you?
China Posts Photos of American ‘Execution’ That Actually Came From Fetish Porn

Best Quitters of All Time

best quitters


Chris Brown has nothing on these guys.
I’mma Let You Finish Chris Brown, but These are the Best Quitters of All Time

Wake Up, Katrina!


Megan Retzlaff in Bikinis

Megan Retzlaff

SI Extra Mustard

She also wants to be a Hometown Hottie.
SI Hot Clicks

If the Lights Went Out…

night sky pics

The Chive

We should try this sometime? Chicago, are you down?
The Night Sky in Major Cities if the Lights Went Out (10 HQ Photos)

Hope She Wore an Adult Diaper

Cintia Dicker in Lingerie

cintia dicker lingerie


She is so vastly underrated.
Cintia Dicker is Back With a New Lingerie Sizzle-Fest

Brian Williams Raps Again

brian williams raps young mc


This gets my vote as his best one yet.<br/Brian Williams Raps Young MC’s “Bust A Move” (Video)

Pashence in Pink


Gorilla Mask

Patience? Not a chance.
Pashence (NSFWish)

Seems Reasonable


Most Eccentric Athletes

eccentric athletes

The Smoking Jacket

They said it, Mike, not me.
The 8 Most Eccentric Athletes Ever

Genevieve Morton in Lingerie

genevieve morton pics


Also massively underrated.
Model at Midnight: Genevieve Morton

Amazing Ocean GoPro Videos

ocean videos

MTV Guy Code

Who needs a film crew?
The 5 Gnarliest Ocean GoPro Videos on the Internet

Ring Girl Michelle Ulibarri

Michelle Ulibarri

Busted Coverage

She looks like she could do some damage to a guy.
WSOF MMA Ring Girl Michelle Ulibarri Also a Bikini Champion


dogs watching tv


That’s actually a channel on DirecTV now: DOGTV.
5 Things Your Dog Actually Likes About Watching TV

Sasha Grey in ‘Rolling Stone’

sasha grey rolling


How can anyone not like this woman?
Sasha Grey Not Naked Enough for Rolling Stone (NSFW)

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Stephanie Morgan

SI Extra Mustard

Jaw-Dropping Tattoos, Hell No Pics, Stephanie Morgan and more!

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