Wild and wacky: The women of Super Bowl media day



The Super Bowl is more than a just a football game, its a worldwide entertainment event. Some would argue that the week leading up to the game is over-hyped—like Tuesday’s media day. What started as a respectable forum for journalists has turned into a stage for circus freaks. Over the years, there’s been cross-dressers, marriage proposals, dancing, and women asking outrageous questions. Take a look.

12 Marisol Gonzalez



Marisol stole the show at last year’s Super Bowl media day as journalists tweeted pictures of her throughout the day. She wore knee high boots because JOURNALISM!

11 Ines Gomez Mont



Ines Gomez Mont is a crazy Mexican TV reporter who’s famous for asking Tom Brady to marry her. Brady said no but later impregnated her…presumably.

10 Rebecca Rubio

Bodybuilder and fitness phenom Rebeca Rubio went toe-to-toe with players at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, asking many of the men if she could measure their biceps. Judging from her guns and the look from Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith, safe to say some of the fellas were intimidated.

9 Ines Sainz

Long before the ogling by Jets players and coaches, Sainz made her name in the states at Super Bowl media day. It started in 2005 when Terrell Owens refused to give anyone an interview. That is, until Sainz walked by in jeans so tight it left nothing to the imagination. She got her that interview that day and everyday after that.

8 Maria Menounos
Maria Menounos wears #giants bikini in Times Square to pay off Super Bowl bet ツ

It’s almost unfair to put a woman as highly regarded as Menounos on this list. But she did show up in a Pats jersey last year on media day and followed followed that up with a Giants bikini in Times square.

7 Veronica Grabowski



Former Miss Nevada USA 2008, Veronica Grabowski, was a correspondent for Super Bowl XLII on an ESPN radio station in Nevada. She did a lot of corresponding.

6 Mirella Grisales
Super Bowl Steelers Football

Grisales made quite an impression on players when she sported a “Dream Team 69” halter top. “I’m here looking for a dream team so I need a man of steel,” she said… “”I’m looking for a man that can play on my team.” ME! ME! I can play.

5 Renee Sapp

This Salsa dancing phenom led several players in a dancing competition at Super Bowl 43. Fair to say #98 is a fan.

4 Sarah Spain

Spain made headlines a few years back for auctioning herself off on eBay for a trip to the Super Bowl. “I LOVE football, LOVE the Bears, can drink with the best of them, and let’s be honest, I’m darn cute.” She followed that up by chest bumping players.

3 Ciara

More salsa dancing you say?

2 Melyssa Ford

Could you be any more obvious fellas?

1 Kellie Pickler



This American Idol finalist was The Tonight Show’s correspondent for the Super Bowl. If you hate yourself, you’ll watch the video.