Woman gets lockjaw eating triple-stack burger

by 6 years ago

A woman got lockjaw from attempting to eat a “Kids in America” triple patty burger in Liverpool, which might be the best advertisement a restaurant has ever had. Wait, are they calling us fat? Oh, we are. Carry on.



If you pride your business on making monstrous burgers, giving a woman lockjaw is certainly a good way to differentiate yourself. I know plenty of guys who have bragged about doing the same thing. Nicola Peate didn’t even get a chance to bite off more than she could chew when her jaw dislocated trying to get it around a triple patty burger at Almost Famous in Liverpool. This isn’t Lethal Weapon 4 in which you can just slam it into a wall and keep fighting Jet Li either. She had to have it medically set back into place at the hospital.

She’s one tough chick though because while she had given up on eating the burger, she didn’t know the jaw was actually dislocated until a day later. It wasn’t until tongue cramps and headaches began that she thought the issue might be in her jaw. I’ve never had lockjaw, but I’d imagine my reaction would have been a lot worse. Then again, I don’t have health insurance so I might have used the Mel Gibson method after all.

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