World’s worst coach sues Little Leaguer for celebrating walk-off victory

We can now pinpoint the exact moment sports became crappy. A 14-year-old Little Leaguer has been sued by his OWN coach for celebrating a home run. This is society’s nadir.

Augusta Chronicle

As the boy was racing home for the game-winning run, he threw his helmet into the air. The helmet then struck his coach’s Achilles Tendon, which is held together, apparently, by scotch tape.

In legal papers filed in court, the teen’s former coach, Alan Beck, contends the boy “carelessly threw a helmet, striking Plaintiff’s Achilles tendon and tearing it.”

The legal filings show Beck is seeking $500,000 for pain and suffering, and more than $100,000 for lost wages and medical bills.

When contacted at his home, Beck declined to answer questions regarding his legal filing.

“I cannot comment until my attorney says it’s OK,” Beck said.

Listen, I’m not here to tell you what to do with your life. Smoke crack and sleep with hookers for all I care. But if you’re sitting on that jury, you better not find this kid liable. You better not find him responsible for this BS. Otherwise you’re a terrible person who should consider death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Have a nice day.