WWE fan jumps into ring, gives Randy Orton a glorious nut shot

A crazed, presumably drunken fool jumped into the ring and punched Randy Orton in the nuts during a WWE taping in South Africa. The WWE released a statement, because you know, this isn’t at all fake.

This is real to me dammit.

WWE.com has learned that Randy Orton was violently attacked by an audience member during a SmackDown World Tour Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa, yesterday evening. Footage of the attack was captured by a WWE fan and posted to YouTube, and shows the perpetrator striking Orton from behind. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities, and the South African fan is being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.

You know, you almost had me WWE. Almost. But I’m a keen observer of the human condition. WWE RARELY allows any recordings of their events to go live on YouTube. And they certainly don’t promote it. And they certainly don’t lift it and put it on their WWE channel.

Right? Or am I taking crazy pills?

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