Yeah, a remote controlled RC car with a gun won’t end badly

There are many, many things that have had guns mounted to them, but this RC car, called the “Armed Mobile Response RC Car”, might just take the cake.

Hacked Gadgets

Granted, Jerod Michel wasn’t setting out to build a rolling Darwin Award waiting to happen, especially since all the photos we’ve see of this actual build use an airsoft gun. Also, it seems aimed at ankle level, at least for now.

But, in theory, this remote control vehicle could use a 12-volt DC motor to power a camera and transmitter (because how else are you going to know when to shoot) and also be used to pull a trigger. The gun comes with a laser, which you use to make sure you’re on target, and then BANG!

Leaving aside the useful capability of committing felonious assault from a distance and giving Facebook something else to freak out about, we’re not really sure why a teacher would build this with his students. Although maybe it’s just a reminder that the teacher can wake you at any moment.

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