10 Best People to Follow on Vine

Will Sasso

When looking at compilations on YouTube, or talking with your friends, there’s no way you’ve missed the King of Vine and the beautifully moronic six-second videos, which have made him more famous than any of his film or TV appearances. He’s literally everywhere the app is—including a recent appearance on the Today Show.

Highlights include vomiting a lemon all over the place and turning into Corey, the redheaded asshole who keeps hacking his account. If you haven’t heard of this guy, and instead have been doing nothing except Vining your cats, you need to reevaluate the way you spend your time.

Ry Doon

I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I think he’s supposed to be a stand-up comedian, but he moonlights as one of the funniest, ballsiest, and weirdest Viners out there. Singing to crazy hobos, asking strangers to dance with him, and impersonating Jay-Z while performing regular everyday activities are just a few of the hilariously bizarre things he does while running around Boston.

He may be too flamboyant and annoying for some. For others, like his over 580,000 followers, he’s just the kind of freak you want to watch over and over again on the Internet.

Chris D’Elia


As a friend and frequent collaborator of Vine King Sasso himself, it’s no wonder this guy has a comparably massive following. D’Elia deviates from the outrageous videos that have become common among users in favor of a more observational humor approach. He sings his own “beautiful version” of popular songs, calls out the trolls who shit talk him in his video comments, and talks shit about people he sees out in public, all with witty and deadpan results.

Brittany Furlan

While many girls on Vine think it’s necessary to record every drive—as if it would be a sin not to show every red light they stop at—there are a few out there who succeed at making their lives actually look fascinating. If you transform the Overly Attached Girlfriend into a real person, you have Brittany Furlan, whose little-known stints on various reality shows come nowhere close to the mainstream recognition she’s achieved on Vine. Her eccentric sense of humor on everything from how to hit on guys to makeup tutorials stands right there with any other guy on this list. And it appeals to both men and women followers.

Plus, she’s pretty hot, which is cool, too.

Jordan Burt

This guy probably has more Vine outtakes than anyone else I’ve seen. He loops his videos perfectly and does most of them with his friends, which can be much harder than it sounds. Burt has been seen using dummy heads to creep strangers out in department stores, and showing what a babysitter really wants to do with the brats they’re watching. Each video is nailed down like a skit on a sketch comedy show. The result is an insanely original and amazingly entertaining six seconds. This is the inventiveness you strive for when you press that cursive-V icon.


Simon Rex


For all you fans of terrible movies, you remember him as the clumsy idiot George from Scary Movie 3. For “rap” fans, he’s responsible for “1980.” His Vine video persona is reminiscent of Kevin Federline: dumb, goofy, white trash, and unemployed. Posting videos that just show how self-deprecating you are accomplish two wonderful things—they make us laugh, and they make us feel better about ourselves. That’s a public service.

Eric Dunn

Eric Dunn has essentially trademarked racial comedy in the Vine world. And by creatively subverting stereotypes, he makes hilarity out of terrible freestyles, yelling at random objects in Ebonics, and running half-naked through the suburbs.

Nicholas Fain

Making the best of a splinter, getting yelled at by your mom while taking a piss, and driving an ice cream truck: Only a few of the common problems that Nicholas Fain cleverly documents during his six-second life. His Vine account says he resides in Northern Kentucky, so it’s no wonder he has to settle for making light of the most boring things suburban life has to offer. Who knew goofy white southern kids could be so funny?

Austin Miles Geter

No one portrays fat kid problems more riotously than this bearded bozo. Whether it’s the heartbreak over someone taking the last hot dog, struggling on the playground monkey bars, or just bullying small children on a trampoline, Geter has the stereotype down to a comedic science, even to the point of hurting himself for the sake of humor. Because falling off monkey bars can hurt pretty damn badly, and as the old adage goes, big trees fall hard.

Bo Burnham

I saved Burnham for last because he’s already semi-famous for his stand-up and early viral videos like “New Math” and “3.14 Apple Pi.” Regardless, his Vines (and TV show) have kept his name familiar well beyond those five-year-old YouTube videos. You can’t help but bust out laughing at the geeky shit he does around his house in six seconds, like his magic tricks gone wrong and Star Wars and Les Misérables lipdubs, all performed while sporting a big pair of glasses and shaggy hairdo like he just woke up with a day’s worth of ideas. The nerds have won again.

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