This Is What A 100-Pound Pizza Looks Like. It’s Going To Take Me And At Least One Of You Bros To Eat It.

I don’t know why it took Epic Meal Time so long to make a 100-pound pizza but I’m glad they finally did, because now I know what a 100-pound pizza looks like. By my estimates it’s going to take me and one or two of you bros to take down this pizza after we cook one up ourselves at the BroBible office.

Now I’m not trying to be showy and don’t meant to imply that we’re going to eat this 100-pound pizza in one sitting, but if you’re willing to sign a Blood Bros. 4 Life contract with me then we can agree to only eat pizza for every meal until the entire thing is gone. Also, is it just me or is the name ‘Meat Lover’s Pizza’ becoming a bit redundant? Is there a good pizza out there that doesn’t involve meat? Seriously, I’ve yet to encounter a single pizza on planet earth that isn’t enhanced by the presence of sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto di parma, sopressata, etc. etc.

I’d be totally down with flipping the switch and henceforth referring to all pizza without meat as ‘non-meat lover’s pizza’ instead of having to always specify a pizza as being a ‘meat lover’s’ edition…Right? Wouldn’t that save us some time in identifying pizzas? And there would be the added bonus of getting the backhanded slap at pizza who don’t enjoy a good meat lover.