Dude Eats GARGANTUAN 11,000-Calorie Sundae With 30 Ice Cream Scoops And 17 Toppings In 15 Minutes!

Summer is coming. While everybody is dieting and doing mad cardio to make sure that they don’t have a dad bod, Matt Stonie is just here casually scarfing down one mammoth bowl of ice cream that had enough sugar to kill a horse.

When we last left Megatoad, he devoured a monster 18-inch burrito weighing 5-pounds in under two minutes. Stonie has moved on to dessert. And since he is the #2 competitive eater in the world, Stonie didn’t eat a Good Humor Eclair bar. Oh no, he grabbed the largest bowl, dropped in an insane 30 scoops of chocolate, mint chocolate chip and vanilla bean ice cream. Then he chucked in hot fudge, caramel, M&M’s, Butterfingers, Heath Bars, Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, gummy bears (Those get too hard when they freeze and don’t go with the chocolate-centric theme), mini marshmallows, fudge brownies, peanuts, walnuts, bananas, Oreos, rainbow sprinkles (They’re not “Jimmies,” stop it Philadelphians) and Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouette (Fuck those are tasty and impossible to only eat 12), whipped cream and of course a maraschino cherry on top.

Now it would have been a spectacle if he somehow consumed this ludicrous sundae in one day, but Stonie is a professional, and he ingested this monstrosity in 15 minutes! Excuse me while I go try my own contest and try to eat a carton of Ben & Jerry’s Speculoos Cookies & Speculoos Cookie Butter Core in under 5 minutes.