19 Year Old Making $20,000 A Week Off The Internet, And I Just Paid For Lunch In Quarters

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Richard Wilson, Instagram

Richard Wilson, 19, of Bangor, Ireland launched his website (www.milliondollarbillboard.club) two weeks ago and has raked in $41,300 since.

Richard’s business plan is to sell $1 million of internet advertising space and billboard space. Companies choose from one million pixels on his site and purchase each pixel for $1. Companies can insert their advertising logos in their purchased space, linking site users to their own websites.

The seemingly simple idea started to fill Richard’s need of paying for University costs. He plans to study business information systems at University College London in September. From Richie Rich himself:

With the money left over I hope to build a non-profit organisation after university where I can work as a trustee but alot of the money I earn will go back into providing a high quality service for customers that purchase pixels, especially using the money to pick the best locations for the billboards.

Richard’s friends have indicated that he has hundreds of online businesses, none of which generated much cash, one of which has only acquired five customers in the last three months.

Richard is confident the sites’ growing popularity will drive sales in the coming months. But the cap for his sales is $1 million equating to one million pixels, the amount available on his site.

Good for you, Richard. Living the American Dream. In Ireland. I just called my dad to put a little money into my account so I can get shitfaced tonight. I’m 27. But I have a couple business ideas I want to run by you when you’re done swimming in vagina fluids.

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Richard Wilson, Instagram