Until Now I Didn’t Think It Was Possible For 1 Car To Get 2 DUI’s, But This Arrest Report Proved Me Wrong

In my mind it’s always been ‘1 drunk drive = 1 car = 1 DUI’, and that’s how I’ve always assumed these things worked. Never before have I considered that two people in one car could each get a DUI, as only the driver can be charged with a DUI/DWI, but then I read this AP story of two dudes in Vermont…

These geniuses each got booked for Driving Under the Influence, one at .19 and the other at .20. But just like me, I bet you’re wondering how two people in the same car each got a DUI. The AP reports….

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. (AP) — One traffic stop netted two drunk-driving arrests in Vermont after police say a backseat passenger jumped in the driver’s seat.
State police say they stopped a car early Sunday on Interstate 91 in Rockingham after it was clocked doing 106 mph.
Authorities say they got driver Erik Polite out of the car before passenger Leeshawn Baker took his place behind the wheel and put the car in gear.
Police breath tests put Polite’s blood-alcohol content at .19 and Baker’s at .25. Both are charged with driving under the influence, gross negligent operation and drug possession.
Polite is 35 and Baker is 34. Both men are from Flushing, New York.

Soooo the drunk passenger got in the driver’s seat AND put the car in gear, all after cops had removed the first drunk driver from the car? This is like hitting the lottery for cops, two drunk driver’s with one stone. I have trouble believing that this has ever happened before anywhere in America. This has to be the first time ever that such stupidity was concentrated into one location, right?