30 GIFs Showing How You And George Constanza Are The Same Person

I was born in 1996, 2 years before Seinfeld’s final episode. The show about nothing, which has lived well beyond its time, introduced us to some of the most ridiculous and greatest characters in television history. Being incredibly relatable, it’s hard for any Seinfeld fan to make it through a day without experiencing a similar scene or two from the show, most likely involving George Costanza. Why George? He’s the most sympathetic character on the show, and…well, I’ll let the 30 GIFs below explain how he’s secretly your spirit animal:

1 You make the best out of every boring situation 

2. You look out for yourself, because at the end of the day the universe revolves around you, and only you

3. The gym isn’t the place for you….bad things happen there 

4. You say what is on your mind and feel no shame about it 

5. Again, no shame 

6. When shit hits the fan, you knows how to react 

7. Honesty is a virtue, even when it hurts 

8. You don’t care if anybody doesn’t like your style choices, you’re living your life on your own terms 

9. Sometimes you do let social standards get to you

10. But fuck social standards… 

11. Competition is always fierce, whether it’s an intramural basketball game or a high speed shopping cart race 

12. Or on the diamond…you don’t let anybody get in your way 


14. You also understand that sometimes a great Friday night consists of your butt on the couch watching TV with chips all over your shirt 

15. You are always down for a good time 

16. Life’s passions are simple for you 

17. But sometimes there are things that get in the way of those passions like ketchup in glass bottles. YOU HATE KETCHUP IN GLASS BOTTLES….IT…NEVER…COMES…OUT….EVER

18. Then on the rare occasion the two passions intersect 

19. Work? Forget about it 

20. You embrace your inner sexiness, even if others disapprove 

21. And that inner sexiness has allowed you to swing with the best of them 

22. Good guys finish last and you know better than anybody else, because you are the good guy

23. Although you are trying this whole bad boy thing, and it’s working out pretty well…

24. Your parents are crazy 

25. And a part of you blames them for the countless idiotic moves you’ve made throughout your life 

26. You aren’t afraid to throw out an insult or two 

27. You love your friends 

28. Even though they may not love you 

29. Sometimes life takes its toll 

30. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying it 


Jack McGuire writes for bigdaddyscourt.com. If you like his work, please follow him on Twitter @BigDaddysCourt