Bro Secretly Proposes Every Day For A Year—Melts Panties From Here To Kathmandu With Video Of Proposals

This video of a man who secretly proposed to his fiancée every day for 365 days is currently going über viral. While it’s going viral and liquifying every set of panties from NYC to Kathmandu it’s also setting the bar even higher for bros that are looking to propose.

There’s almost TOO MUCH that can be said about this video. Firstly, it takes a special kind of dude to really plan and execute a proposal for an entire year. I could never pull it off in a million years. I’m much too impatient and rash. It’d be like day 12 and I’d just drop down on one knee and then tell her I had planned that all out but couldn’t wait any longer.

Secondly, let’s be honest here: that was almost uncomfortably corny at times. I even showed it to my wife when I was coming up with headlines for this post and her reaction was “I don’t know about liquifying, but definitely corny.’ It is endearing, and every girl deserves a special proposal…but 365 days of writing on a whiteboard? That’s too much.