Beast 37-Year-Old Mother Of Two Becomes Third Woman To Graduate Army Ranger School


Spec. Dacotah Lane — U.S. Army

Without a doubt, the hardest job in the world is mother. A close second though has to be member of the United States Special Forces. That, too, is difficult.

And no one has ever, in the history of our military, or of motherhood, held those two job simultaneously. That’s how damn demanding they are.

Well, until today. Lisa Jaster, a 37-year-old mother of two, just passed the Ranger School course. She becomes the third woman to complete it since ladies were allowed to try earlier this year.

In a Facebook chat before she finished, Jaster had this to say (she didn’t comment yesterday):

“A lot of doors can open for women if we go about it the right way. The right way includes being professional, thick skinned, and ensuring that we minimize any special treatment. I know that I am physically fit. I am mentally tough. I know that I have all the ingredients to be successful. I volunteered because I want to make sure the standards do remain high and that the women coming out at the far end of Ranger School will be respected for their accomplishments rather than being judged for making things easier.”

Former Rangers were hella impressed.


What a baller.

[Via Quartz]