5 Drinking Games to Play on Cinco De Mayo With Your Neighbors

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Cinco de Mayo is here. Were you planning on sitting at home and drinking margaritas like some sort of antisocial weirdo? Don’t do that. Instead, get in touch with your community through the magic of these easy-to-play drinking games.

You won’t regret it.

Beer Pong

Why mess with a classic? After all, it’s a classic for a reason. Requiring some — but not a tremendous amount of — physical dexterity and conducive to non-stop trash-talk, beer pong is the basis on which countless friendships have been built. Becoming skilled at this game has become less a badge of honor and more of a pre-requisite for an entire generation.


Plus, if you get really good at it, there’s a chance to compete in an actual World Series. No one who has participated in a World Series has ever had a bad life. That’s just a fact.

Moreover, the game is constantly re-inventing itself through a series of house rules. As every Major League Baseball park is different, so too is every beer pong experience.

Beer Die

If beer pong is checkers, beer die is chess. It’s a thinking man’s game.  Employing similar principles as beer pong, as well as an influence from cricket, this insanely addictive activity is a test for the body, mind and spirit.

Oh, and there are forbidden words. It’s like the Garden of Eden, only much more fun.


Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. There is nothing in this life to compare to hanging out in a circle, listening to AC/DC. This rock-inspired game appeals to the part of human nature which enjoys seeing others suffer. Plus, you’ll realize just how simple the Aussie band’s lyrics really were as some poor bastard gets stuck praying for another “thunder.”

7-11 Doubles

It’s like having your own craps table, but instead of risking money, you’re risking the contents of your glass. Not convinced? Well, let us ask you a simple question: is there a person on earth who doesn’t like to roll dice? We rest our case.


This one is for anyone who’s ever wanted to enter one of those contests where the last person to take their hands off a car wins the car. The appeal here is the ancient ritual of testing the human spirit. Nothing more primal than that.

* * *

If none of these appeal to your particular sense of adventure, you could always impress your neighborhood by suggesting one of these lesser-known games. You’ll be in instant hero and recognized for your worldliness.




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