50 Awkward Situations A Guy Will Experience Before He Is 30

Personally I find any bit of awkwardness funny except for a select few on this list. Meaning that those ‘select few’ have either gotten me into some serious trouble or left me alone, in my bed and making love to my right hand at the end of the night. Either way, every guy has and will experience most of (hopefully not all of them) these things on this list.

So without further ado, here are the 50 Awkward Situations A Guy Will Experience:

1. Taking a shit during a party.

2. Taking a shit when someone is in the stall next to you.

3. Responding to “I love you” when you don’t plan on saying it back to her.

4. Getting a boner where you shouldn’t be getting a boner.

5. Introducing your ex girlfriend to your current girlfriend.

6. Running into your ex girlfriend’s mom, dad or brother who always hated you.

7. Asking a girl to have a threesome or to be “Friends with Benefits.”

8. The first time you have sex after you brake up with your ex girlfriend.

9. Drunk-dialing your boss or someone of importance.

10. Receiving a phone call from that person the next day.

11. Taking a family Christmas picture.

12. Realizing you have pit stains after you’ve been hitting on a girl.

13. Hooking up with a bad kisser.

14. Hooking up with a girl who has bad breath.

15. Puking in front of a large group of people.

16. Puking on or in front of a girl you were just hooking up with (or her friends).

17. Trying to hook up with her after you puked.

18. Opening your eyes while you’re making out with a girl.

19. Noticing a camera flash while you’re making out with a girl.

20. Seeing a picture of you making out with a girl on Instagram.

21. Getting whiskey dick.

22. Cumming too early.

23. Not cumming at all.

24. Holding in a fart while you’re on a date.

25. Denying someone’s friend request and then seeing that person when you’re out.

26. Attempting to bench press a lot more than you actually can.

27. Asking a random person to give you a spot at the gym.

28. Saying hi to that person the next time you’re at the gym.

29. Putting your hand out for a handshake and getting a fist pound in return.

30. Hugging new people you meet. Honorable Mention: The Ass-Out-Hug

31. Kissing someone on the cheek when they only wanted a hug.

32. Kissing a male family member on the cheek (other than your grandpa).

33. Talking to your Aunts, Uncles or family friends about your plans after college.

34. The first thing you say to someone you got into a car accident with.

35. Getting pulled over and answering a police officer’s really obvious question.

36. Waking up in someone else’s house with morning wood.

37. Calling a girl by the wrong name.

38. Seeing a girl you previously hooked up with and not knowing her name.

39. Attempting to kiss a girl, getting denied and acting like you don’t care.

40. Getting caught jerking off (in general/by anyone)

41. When a girl asks you how many girls you’ve slept with.

42. The look she gives you because she knows you’re lying.

43. Getting into an argument with your friend’s girlfriend.

44. Someone asking if it’s okay to date your ex girlfriend.

45. Seeing the girl who never poked you back on Facebook.

46. Catching your mom, dad or family member in any sexual act.

47. Getting tested for an STD.

48. Buying condoms at your local store.

49. Having your mom find your condoms.

50. Telling a girl that the condom broke after you already came inside her.


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