Watching 6,000 Matches Get Lit Up In Slow-Motion Is Like A Pyromaniac’s Wet Dream

6000 matches slow motion

YouTube - The Slow Mo Guys

I have a little theory and I’ve had it for awhile. I think that there is at least a little pyromaniac in all of us. I think we’ve had it since man first discovered fire back in the caveman days. It’s why we have such a fascination with things like fireworks and what causes people who should know better, like professional athletes, to mess around with flammable items even when they know that they really shouldn’t.

The Slow Mo Guys are also aware of this fascination which is why they took 6,000 match heads, lit them on fire, and filmed it at 2,500 frames per second.

If that isn’t the most glorious thing you’ve watched today then I guess you’re not be as much of a pyro as I am. I might need help.

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