82 Year-Old Proves You’re Never Too Old To Bang Chicks By Having 31 Children and 430 Grandchildren

by 3 years ago

The dude fucks, no denying that. And it seems as if his kids do as well, because even with 31 kids, 430 grandchildren is absolutely savage. That means all of his children average between 13 to 14 children each, which is astounding. In all honesty, I’d make the argument that this is one of the most ridiculous interviews of all time. “I’m not worried about these children, because if I lose 200 of my grandchildren, I still have 200 left.” That’s a quote for the history books. Imagine your grandfather saying that? “Yeah, I mean, I guess I love all of my grandchildren equally, but if I lost a few I’m not going to be too butthurt because I have a plenty more lying around.” On top of all of this, the guy still wants to have his wives spit out more kids. Nothing says “I’ve literally lost control of the human reproductive process” like having 400+ grandchildren who are older than your youngest child.

The man, who is named Abu Talal, spoke with BBC about what it’s like having one of the largest families on the Gaza Strip:

“Every time a child is born in this family we sacrifice a goat in celebration”

Sucks to be a goat in Southern Gaza. While the population has been rising roughly 5% every year, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the goat population may be falling ever so slowly. And will continue to, since Abu Talal thinks he can probably manage to father 10 to 15 more children. Which in turn means that he’ll more than likely have about 500 grandchildren by the time all is said and done. Which is pretty unfathomable to me, since I was unable to handle three Tamagotchis at one time.

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