9 Business Lessons That Harvey Specter (From ‘Suits’)’ Will Teach You That Other Leaders Won’t

Gabriel S. Macht is an American actor known for playing ‘Harvey Specter’ in the television series Suits. If you’re not familiar, Suits is an American legal drama created and written by Aaron Korsh. And Harvey Specter is almost as famous as Walter White, Tyrion Lannister, Sheldon Cooper, Chandler Bing, Charlie Harper, Michael Scofield, and many others. Harvey is known for teaching social and business confidence in our mundane life. His positively rigid, never-lose-faith-in-himself attitude and risk taking abilities depicts more practical lessons than a real life mentor can detail. For any action-taking businessman who gets things done, he’s a textbook. In this article, we will understand it through some of the best Specter Quotes.

“Don’t Raise Your Voice. Improve Your Argument.”

It is well said that whenever you are in a debate and on the verge of losing your voice becomes louder. Is it natural? What does that mean? It’s the conscious mind which is signaling that your argument is not couching any impact on the opposition. That simply means you need to ameliorate your argument. The only solution to ‘Not Raise Your Voice’.

“Anyone Can Do My Job, But No One Can Be Me.”

This shows that everyone is unique and special. There is no comparison between any position, status or designation.

“Never Destroy Anyone in Public When You Can Accomplish The Same Result In Private.”

Everyone cares about their reputation. Today, it’s your enemy. Tomorrow, it might be you. Never sabotage anyone in public because it will put you in the jeopardy.

“I Don’t Play The Odds. I Play The Man.”

You can’t win game just because you know all its rules and statistics. When you are dealing with another man, you need to put yourself in his shoes- how he thinks, what he hates, what are his feeble points, where he fumbles. Only then can you get better odds.

“When You Are Backed Against The Wall, Break The Goddamn Thing Down.”

We always use the quote ‘Solving our obstacles’, ‘Overcoming our hurdles’, and ‘Figuring out our problems’. Well, Harvey thinks the other way. As per his theory, whenever you are restricted for doing something or bounded or confined to any edges, you ought to break it down. Creativity is always hindered by the limitations it is kept under.

“I Don’t Have Dreams. I Have Goals.”

There is a subtle difference between the two. Goals are actually our destination; it is the place designated as the end. Dreams are just a cherished desires and imaginative thoughts. We should prefer the latter over the prior. Goals are realistic; dreams are apparent. Be realistic.

“It’s Not Bragging If It’s True.”

This is a totally unique quote as we often misunderstand the word ‘bragging’. An instance of boastful talk, exhibiting self-importance and blustering is what we consider as a self-centric thing. But, what if those things are 100% true? Think. It’s not bragging, then. Everything is not as it appears. Thus, it proves ‘Harvey Specter is not a conceited and self-centered person.’

“Ever Loved Someone So Much, You Would Do Anything For Them? Yeah, Well Make That Someone Yourself And Do Whatever The Hell You Want.”

That is one heaven of a quote. Love Yourself. This is the reason why Mr.Specter is popular among the entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders. Detailing the above quote simply implies that when you have faith and confidence in yourself, no obstructions would be good enough to ambush you.

 “That’s the Difference Between You And Me, You Wanna Lose Small, I Wanna Win Big!”

Sacrifice is a must when you are making an arduous effort to reach your destination. If you will worry about tiny troubles then there is no way you will open the gates to success. You can only win big when you are easygoing enough to let go of the small.

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