‘The Academy Of Safe Spaces’ Is The University That Should Exist Solely So People Who Want To Go There Can Leave Us Alone

The whole ‘safe space’ trend is beginning to get a little old hat. We get it, you’re easily upsettable and probably have lowkey trust issues because once your middle school teacher told you that you were going to get a 100 on your art project but instead gave you a 98. Or you were bullied a lot as a child and never learned to stand up for yourself so now as a result have an alarming wide invisible personal bubble that, if breached, will send you into a frenzy.

The YouTube crew over at DC did us all a favor and created a hypothetical university for all of these people who demanded their safe spaces could go be around each other. Opinions aside, the Academy of Safe Spaces sounds like a place I would love to tour and see what’s it all about but would never want to spend any actual time in. Which is funny because that is my exact same position on prison.

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