Actress Alexis Arquette Posts Hostile Facebook Rant Claiming Will Smith’s Ex-Wife Walked In On Him With Another Dude

Will Smith

Who is Alexis Arquette? I asked Wikipedia that same thing.

I learned that Alexis Arquette is an American actress, musician, and cabaret performer. She is also a trans woman who was born Robert Arquette. She is the sister of David and Patricia Arquette. The majority of Arquette’s film work has been in low-budget or independent films.

And then it hit me. She’s George from The Wedding Singer DUH! Say no more, Wikipedia.


In an effort to become marginally relevant again and/or to make Will and Jada Smith’s day even worse after getting lambasted by Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince after Jada announced a possible boycott of the Oscars,  the transgender activist took to Facebook to air some dirty laundry about the A-list couple to anyone interested in what she has to say.

will and jada

Here’s some context for you bros: Will was married to Sheree Zampino for three years in the early 90’s, and married Jada Pinkett two years after the divorce. Benny Medina is a big wig Hollywood manager and his story was the basis for The Fresh Prince.

Arquette continues to throw darts in the comment section of her post, claiming that after walking in on Will and Benny, Zampino was paid off to keep silent. She then continued, “He wanted respect as a serious actor.Too bad he sucks.”

Who would have thought Alexis Arquette has an axe to grind with Will Smith? I can all but guarantee he doesn’t know her name.

Do you really want to hurt him, Alexis? Do you really want to make him cry?

Be better.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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