This Guy Spent More On Lottery Tickets Than Most People Make In A Lifetime…And He Ended Up Dead Ass Broke

For a period of his life, Adam Osmond was a wildly successful entrepreneur. Running two thriving convenience stores Adam was on the ups until like many Americans he fell victim to the ‘Jackpot Mentality’. Over the course of two years Adam Osmond wasted ONE MILLION DOLLARS on lottery tickets, spending so much money he emerged from the tunnel at the end of his gambling bender only to find that he was broke as hell.

Now the subject of a feature-length documentary titled Out Of Luck, Adam Osmond is sharing his story of gambling addiction and how quickly it can destroy an otherwise normal life. You can read all about Adam’s documentary Out Of Luck over on the film’s website, but before we jump on out of here I want to hit you with one stat that stopped me in my tracks:

“80% of lottery profits come from only 10-15% of the players”

It should be criminal to allow someone that’s clearly a gambling addict to piss away so much money on the lottery. I’ve seen this in NYC before at a bodega, the person in front of me has a stack of lottery tickets to check that’s about 5,000 deep, praying for their next big pay day. It’s sad, and disgusting, and I think the clerks have a responsibility to stop these addicts from pissing their money away.

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