This Airline Announced That It’ll Begin Weighing Passengers Before Boarding And Excluding Those Who Are Too Heavy

You can’t make fun of “heavy” people on the Internet anymore. It’s not allowed. Nowadays if you type out a “heavy” joke and throw it out onto the net you’ll get a slew of people screaming at you for “fat shaming” and how you’re a “discriminating bigot.” With that in mind, kudos to Uzbekistan Airways for not giving a shit about being politically correct and calling it like they see it: if weight limits are being exceeded on smaller planes, all y’all “heavy” people best be going elsewhere.

Uzbekistan Airways has announced that all passengers will have to stand on weighing machines with their personal luggage after they have checked in.

The company, who are based in Tashkent, have promised not to reveal the weight of individual passengers. But it will mean some overweight people could be excluded from busy flights on smaller planes if limits are exceeded.(via)

Ignoring the oncoming hoard of people screaming about how this isn’t fair, the policy makes sense since this isn’t really up to the airline – it’s up to physics. Uzbekistan Airways can’t make smaller planes carry heavier loads just because you enjoy eating 4,000 calories a day, and which would you prefer: dying in a fiery plane crash because the plane was too heavy, or getting kicked off the plane so you can live to eat another day? I like eating. I choose food.

In a statement they said: ‘Uzbekistan Airways airline is carrying out the procedure of pre-flight weighing in order to determine the average weight of passengers with hand luggage.

‘According to the laws of the International Air Transport Association, airlines are obliged to carry out regular procedures of pre-flight control such as weighing passengers with hand luggage in order to observe the requirements for ensuring flight safety.

‘After passing check-in on a flight and prior to boarding into the aircraft, we will ask you to pass the weighing procedure with a special weighing machine placed in the departure gate zone.

‘The weighing record will only contain the corresponding passenger category (i.e. male/ female/ children). As for the rest, the full confidentiality of results is guaranteed.

‘We appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance for the help in the solution of our common task of flight safety.’(via)

However, Uzbekistan Airways is NOT the first airline to begin implementing this practice – back in 2013 Samoan Air was the first airline to begin charging people according to their weight.

[H/T Daily Mail]