This Alabama Youth Cheerleading Coach Resigns After Wearing This Extremely Aggressive T-Shirt

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cheer coach

cheer coach

If you’re a parent and you’re voluntarily sacrificing your time and energy to coach little shit kids for zero pay, you’re a goddamn saint. I know when I have kids I’m going to have to do shit I don’t want to do, like drive them to school, host their shitty friends, and love them.

But I draw the line at mentoring a group of tiny savages after a long workday. The only thing worse that the kids are the parents, who insist little Bethany be on the top of the cheer pyramid even though she is without question the chubbiest on the squad. It’s a tiresome, thankless task and quite frankly, I’m not a good enough man to withstand it all.

But you know who is a good enough man to carry that cross? This dude casually wearing a KKK “Boys in the Hood” t-shirt to cheer practice. I don’t know what that says about me, but it can’t be good.


I love the WSFA News not taking a stance on this: “…resigns after complaint that t-shirt was racist.” No, no. The t-shirt is racist. Granted, its a clever pun, and I can understand a tone deaf person seeing humor in it.

My belief is that the dude was understandably fed up with being a cheer coach and wanted to make a clean break from the squad so he can slug down a few cold ones with his buddies after work, instead of orchestrating a symphony of unruly children. Just because it’s racist, doesn’t mean it’s not genius.

P.S. This can’t bode well for our cargo short stance here at BroBible. Can’t have a KKK supporter as the cargo-short poster boy. That’s like bringing on Subway Jared as the spokesman for Chuck E Cheese. Not a good look.

cargo shorts

cargo shorts

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