BREAKING: Police In Amarillo Respond To Active Shooter At A Wal-Mart

Police in Amarillo, Tx. responded to a call of an active shooter opening fire in a Wal-Mart, which includes a possible hostage situation.

According to witnesses, per ABC7, the shooter was an employee who took another employee hostage.

You can check out the live broadcast here on ABC7’s website for up-to-the-second details.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings this weekend, let’s hope this ends swiftly and without any serious injuries. Details to come as the story develops.

UPDATE (1:25p EST):

According to the Amarillo PD Twitter account, thankfully, there are no confirmed gunshot victims.

Per KeyeTV’s Twitter, Amarillo PD says there is no longer an active shooter.

UPDATE (2:00p EST):

According to ABC7, SWAT teams confirm that the suspect was shot by officers and is pronounced dead.


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