The Amazon Reviews For Kanye West’s Massively Overpriced (And Ugly) Adidas Men Yeezy Boost 350’s Are MINT*

Alright Bros, I’ll level with you – we here at BroBible are fucking sick of Kanye West. Last week was all “Uncensored Kanye West SNL meltdown THIS” and “Mark Zuckerberg taking a shot at Kanye on Facebook THAT,” then “Blah blah blah Kanye West went on another stupid rant blah blah blah.” For fuck’s sake can we stop talking about Kanye West for at least one day? One measly fucking day?

Apparently not, as this post clearly shows – but at least this time we’re talking about Kanye’s shoes and not himsel-…okay, yeah. It still counts. Ugh. Whatever, let’s get this over with and get into how these shoes:

…are getting ripped to shreds in Amazon’s customer reviews, and rightfully so:

[Via Amazon]