Amazon Launches Screenwriting Software That Will Automatically Submit Your Script To A Production Company

by 5 years ago
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Do you have dreams of turning your shitty screenplay into a shitty movie? Well, you’re one step closer to making the dream a reality with Storywriter from Amazon.

On Thursday, Amazon launched a free screenwriting tool called Storywriter, which they hope will help connect talented writers to their original content production company, Amazon Studios.

Storywriter provides automatic formatting, putting the screenplay into the accepted format as you type. Your work is then synced across all of your devices (computer, tablet, phone) through your Amazon account, and can be accessed offline through installation of a free Chrome app which then automatically syncs your work when you are online again. An import/export function makes it possible to bring existing scripts to the Storywriter tool, and all work is automatically saved to the cloud.

And finally, the unique selling point – you can automatically submit the finished product to Amazon Studios, through their ‘open-door process’, to be reviewed and considered for development.

On the surface this looks like an absolutely awesome opportunity because it puts your work (I’ll assume it’s not as bad as I imagine) in front of eyeballs. Eyeballs attached to people who could make your writing dreams a reality. Here’s the only issue — Storywriter from Amazon opens the door for ANYONE and EVERYONE with an awful screenplay to submit. That means it’s going to be the job of people at Amazon to sift through the thousands and thousands of submission. But, at least, you’ve got a chance.

I’d kill to read some of the rejects.

[via The Stack]

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