Freedom Boner: Rumble Strips On The Side Of The Highway Plays Most Patriotic Song Ever When You Drive 45mph



If you ever find yourself driving between mile markers 4 and 5 on Route 66 just outside of Tijeras, New Mexico then you should slow down to 45mph and let your car drift over the ‘rumble strips’ on the side of the road. What you’ll hear is an absolutely magnificent and patriotic display of engineering, because once your car hits EXACTLY 45mph and you’re driving over those rumble strips the song ‘America The Beautiful’ will begin to play.

When I first saw this I thought for sure it was some sort of trickery where the song was being dubbed over in the background, but after doing a little digging around I’ve discovered that this is 100% legit. Check it out, but prepare for a full on freedom boner:

As I mentioned above I was pretty skeptical that this was real when I first came across this video, but then I came across another video from National Geographic talking about how this works:

Apparently there’s another one of these in Lancaster, California that plays the ‘William Tell Overture‘ when driven over.

All I can say is this: if Donald Trump wants to make America great again he needs to install these on all of our nation’s iconic highways and get people out on the open road again. There’s nothing more American than a ‘Great American Road Trip’, and if we had more gimmicks like this on the road then people might actually want to get in the car and drive instead of hop on a plane.

Anyways, I know how you’re feeling right now and I’m right there with you:

[h/t kholmes39]

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