Americans Will Eat 1.2 BILLION Chicken Wings This Sunday

by 5 years ago

Now, multiply that order of six by 200 million and that's how many wings us Americans will be eating this Sunday. Because this Sunday is the Super Bowl (remember?), and according to a great graphic by Foody Direct, we are all gluttons that day. (By the way, that's also like 300 million chickens that will be killed for our wings, which is a chicken for every American and means Herbert Hoover's dream is FINALLY coming to fruition). 

What other absurd amount of foodstuffs will be gorged upon in the name of sports? Well, 70 million pounds of avocados will be used to make guacamole (which aren't even in season).

Personally, I will be eating zero chicken wings on Sunday, because chicken wings do not keep for more than five minutes and people who order them for delivery, then eat them 45 minutes after they have been fried are Satanists. 

See the whole graphic here

[H/T In The Capital, Image via Shutterstock]

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