Guy Who Looks Like Exactly Ron Weasley Wakes Up From Anesthesia And Thinks He’s Bought A Camel In Dubai

If you’ve never experienced the effects of anesthesia you really need to consider breaking an arm, or so I’m told. Clumsy as I am, I’ve been fortunate enough to go through life with the only breaking some tiny as hell bone in my right wrist during intramural soccer my freshmen year at Southern Methodist University. It was the playoffs, some dude was on a total breakaway and was clearly going to score if I didn’t do anything, so I threw down a fairly dirty slide but managed to get all ball. Clean or not I found out later that he sprained his ankle and was on crutches while I broke my wrist, so yah, it was totally worth it even though we eventually lost the game in a shootout.

The one and only time I’ve ever received anesthesia was when I had my wisdom teeth removed, and I don’t remember shit (as is the case when you feel the effects of anesthesia). When I did wake up though the dentist told me I tried to fight it going into the surgery. Apparently I told him I had a ridiculous tolerance and he’d need to juice me up heavily, so he obliged me. I definitely didn’t turn into a 1970s camel owner like the dude in the video above, but to each his own.

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