Anonymous Declares War On Family Of Boy At The Center Of The Harambe Tragedy

Hacker collective Anonymous has purportedly decided to wage war on Michelle Gregg and the Cincinnati Zoo in the wake of the terrible tragedy that saw the mother’s 4-year-old ragdolled around by Harambe, the 400 lb. silverback gorilla, after the toddler found his way into the animal’s enclosure.

In a video released to a Facebook page for Anonymous Ohio, a man in a customary Guy Fawkes mask delivers a message that calls for both an investigation into Harambe’s death, and charges filed against Michelle Gregg for her negligent role in the tragedy.

Some key outtakes of #OpHarambe include:

‘We do not see Michelle Gregg as a fit parent. We are calling on an investigation of Michelle Gregg and the zoo. We believe she should be charged in the death of an endangered animal.

‘We are encouraging every able-bodied person watching this video to participate. #OpHarambe engage’.

However, Anonymous’s assertion that Harambe was merely protecting the child are in stark contrast with the absurdly viral thoughts that former zookeeper Amanda O’donoughue shared yesterday, as well as the opinions of several other wildlife experts who’ve indicated that, unfortunately, shooting Harambe was the right call in the situation.

That aside, though, one thing is clear, and it’s that that child should ahve never been in that gorilla habitat in the first place, and someone is negligent for it. Whether it was Michelle Gregg for not “parenting,” per se, properly, or the Cincinnati Zoo for not taking the proper measures and precautions to prevent such an incident from happening, someone is totally liable.

As we noted yesterday, police are conducting an ongoing investigation into the tragic incident. Anonymous is not the only one demanding charges be filed against the family, as a petition has racked up well over 130,000 signatures over the last 24 hours.

[h/t Metro]